The Oil Mill

Our History

Our history begins in 1896 when Elisa Bartoli, Luigi Marcolini’s wife, opened, in Sant’Angelo in Lizzola, an oil mill renovating an old convent.

During the following years the business was carried on by her children and grandchildren until 1957 when the oil mill was rented out.

In 1988 Andrea Marcolini decided to run again the family business, conducting the old mill for 11 years until 1999. In that year Andrea Marcolini, looking to old tradition, but also to innovation, made the decision to leave the old mill and to open a new one, with a modern structure and technology in Villa Betti di Monteciccardo.

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The Oil Mill from 1999 to 2019

Oil is an old product but, to guarantee the quality, it needs a technology to provide the best performance in each processing phase. 

The new installation of Rapanelli’s company was a total innovation, from an old procedure of milling by a big rounded stone, to a new system called continuous-cycle with cold extraction. The machinery was made 100% of stainless steel with a working capacity of 10/11 tons per hour, allowing to mill the olives in the shortest time from the harvest. 

This kind of modern installation allows to obtain a premium quality product based on few key points:

  • Prompt milling after few hours from the harvest
  • Olives’ defoliation and washing before the milling
  • Olive paste and oil have just stainless steel contact
  • Total hygiene of machinery and spaces
  • Low temperature process

This way of working guarantees to have a perfect extra virgin olive oil that keeps two fundamental requirements: low acidity and plenty polyphenols.

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The Oil Mill from 2020

After 20 years, in 2020 has been decided to change and upgrade again the machinery, to further improve the quality of our products.

The improvements introduced are:

  • New branches and leaves remover, to provide a perfect cleaning from leaves and other objects, increasing the easy washing of olives
  • New advanced informatic system for a total control of the machinery, from the main screen it is possible to manage each working phase, carefully monitoring malaxing times and temperatures in all stages, from olives’ washing to oil’s exit, ensuring an efficient cold extraction to maintain the oil’s qualities
  • New malaxers, totally renewed, thanks to the central system, capacity, temperature and malaxing times are controlled, furthermore they have a washing implant in order to guarantee a tank fully clean in the passage from a type of olive to another
  • New extractor able to work 14/18 tons per hour
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Third parties Milling

During the period from October to December, we are open for third parties milling, offering:

  • Wide spaces of unloading
  • Apron weigher
  • Bins available for clients
  • Professional leaves and branches remover
  • Olives’ washing
  • Crusher with controlled speed and temperature’s sensor
  • Malaxers’ washing, from olives of a client to another
  • Controlled and certified cold extraction
  • Carton 40x40 filtering
  • Equal filtering
  • Filling in tans, bag-in-box and bottles

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