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Marcolini’s Estate occupies an area of 225 acres divided in different crops: Sunflowers, Protein Beans, Whole Wheat, Soft Wheat, Vineyard and Olive grove.

If oil has always been our flagship product, in the last years we started a work of transformation and commercialization of the products obtained from our land.

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Marcolini’s Oil is a product of tradition, experience and passion that preserves sensory, healthy and nutritional characteristics present in the olive’s fruit, symbol of Mediterranean civilization.

A premium quality extra virgin olive oil produced by olives milled by cold extraction system, freshly harvested and carefully selected, produced from our olive trees located in the area between Fano and Pesaro, near the Adriatic Sea.

Several the Awards and Honors received during the years, outcome of an oil obtained by a research and a constant work achieved by passion and dedication.

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Marcolini’s Wine is the result of our organic’s vineyards, located in clay soil with a South exposition.

The harvest is manual in little cases, with a careful selection of the grapes.

The production process in the winery is immediate and intentionally aimed to valorise the terroir.

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From our fields of soft-wheat comes Type 1 and Type 2 stone-ground Flour, like the old days.

Type 1 and Type 2 Flour is perfect to made bread, pizza, pastries and other bakery products, keeping unchanged the wheat’s properties.

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Our stone-ground wholemeal pasta is born from our durum wheat fields, through bronze drawing and long drying, over 12/48 hours.

Pasta with a strong, unrefined flavour, which preserves the true flavor of the wheat germ. Rich in nutrients, proteins and fibre.

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