Andrea Marcolini's Oil Mill

Il Frantoio si trova all'interno della Tenuta Marcolini come sua punta di diamante . È immerso in un meraviglioso e tranquillo ambiente di colline e boschi, vicino al mare Adriatico.

Dal 1896 porta avanti una tradizione di famiglia basata sulla produzione di olio extravergine di oliva di alta qualità, ricercando sia antichi saperi che moderne tecnologie .

Our Oil

Main properties of our oil are the very low acidity and numerous polyphenols that characterize it as superior category olive oil, preserving the memory of olives in its bitter and spicy taste, but clearly fruity

  • Olive grove: 1200 olive trees

  • Cultivar: Leccino and Raggiola

  • Milling: continuous cycle with certified cold extraction

Our Products

Our Wine

From organic vineyards of Marcolini’s Estate, our wines are born. Main traits are: manual harvest, meticulous grape’s selection and accurate production in winery.

Our Products

Our Flour

From wheat fields of Marcolini’s Estate we produce two kind of flour, Type 1 and Type 2, entirely stone-grounded, in order to maintain untouched the healthy and nutritive properties of the wheat.  

Our Products

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Oro delle Marche 2020

Second Place and Award of Excellence, in the contest organized by O.L.E.A for Le Marche's producers

It's a great honor for us received these rewards for our oils:

- Second place, Award of Excellence and "5 drops" for our Raggiola Oil

- Mention of Merit and "4 drops" for our Leccino Oil 

It is always gratifying knowing that passion, hard work and quality of our products are valorized and valued.